We are excited to announce Karim's book debut:
Cosmopolitan Nomad
A Globetrotter's Story
Limited edition. Order your copies here
Beat ALL past records of sales at the Glad Day Bookshop, already sold in 25 countries.


“Karim Ladak inspires and moves us in The Cosmopolitan Nomad – a weaving of prose and photography chronicling his many journeys across more than 150 countries. But it’s beyond travel. It’s about all of us – people of different nations who are actually bound more by what we have in common than what sets us apart. And therein lies the beauty of the book – it’s the story of us; one people, one world. All the best from Manila.”
Ariel Kenneth Ampol

“Spent my afternoon reading your book! Love the stories and lessons in the book, as well as the beautiful pictures you have taken. So thankful you made the decision to share your journey!”
Karen Stultz Rossmann

“I LOVE my beautiful book, Karim. It sits permanently on my coffee table so I can open it each day to feel inspired by your thoughts, images and journey, which is ultimately the journey of us all. Oh, the places we get to go with you in our imaginations. The people we get to see. Thank you for connecting us all. For taking us there.”
Kate Johnston

“Karim, your beautiful book is a piece of art! Your passion and excitement for life is exuded in every page and is an inspiration to me. it is a lovely reminder to create memories in this lifetime and appreciate the beauty, diversity and culture in all corners of the world”
Trudy Ryan-Brady

“This book broadened my horizons and gave me life goals in terms of travelling and expanding my imagination about how the world lives.”
Deepak Kashyap

“Karim, you are a modern day Ibn Battuta. This quote suites you well “I have indeed—praise be to God—attained my desire in this world, which was to travel through the Earth, and I have attained this honour, which no ordinary person has attained.”
Namrata Bagaria

“Karim, got our book yesterday! Alisha and Tara loved the personal note to begin with. Tara took the book to her bedroom last night which means we need to wait for our turn. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with all of us, especially my kids.”
Vasanthi Chalasani

“The Cosmopolitan Nomad takes the reader on an eye-catching and eye-opening adventure. Along the way, lessons are learnt that will inspire the way you look at life and at other human beings across the world and photos are captured that wows the eyes, allowing us to see the beauty that does exist in our world. It’s a conversation starter and it sits on my living room center-table for my guests to explore it and appreciate and celebrate the diversity that strengthens us all as humanity. Thank you Karim Ladak for bringing the world’s beauty to our doors and in a beautifully designed book.”
Tasheka Lavann

“Your book reaffirms my belief in the dignity of human existence: kindness and understanding. And your words help me in self-reflection. I remember the conversation you and I had, a couple of years ago, about pluralism. The vivid photographs tell me the story of this beautiful planet, its colors, history, architecture, and the rhythm of daily lives of the people you have met. Thank you Karim for grounding your readers in this reality – life is simple. And thank you for taking us traveling with you. I am waiting for a second book with new places and people.”
Anuradha Sen

“This book unites, inspires and wakes the senses. In its exploration of connection it creates an opening of dialogues amongst friends and strangers alike. It’ll take you on a trip around the world from wherever you are!”
Erin Grittani

“It is this one book that has brought a good slice of the world under one roof! It has been a pleasure to be a part of your journey, Karim Ladak. While going through its pages, it took me back to my own trips to the destinations covered in the book. It is a collector’s item, no doubt and a really good buy for 2017-18. Readers are now waiting for the continuation of your journey and the sequel of The Cosmopolitan Nomad (Volume 2) bringing together another wonderful selection of destinations.”
Shamlal Puri

“Thank you Karim. For me, Cosmopolitan Nomad is a great reminder that life is a great journey when there is a worthy destination.”
Al-Noor Wissanji

“I keep telling myself to stop buying books because my book cases are super-full. But as a visual artist, I cannot resist the captivating images and colourful design of the Cosmopolitan Nomad book. Of course, Karim’s travel stories are engrossing, my temporary sweet escapade.”
Aries Cheung

“Got on the plane, settled in my seat, opened your book and got so engrossed in the illustrations and stories, I felt I was there. Thank you for allowing me to vicariously live through your travels. They have inspired me to make a new bucket list.”
Nadya Hussain

“The Cosmopolitan Nomad: A Globetrotter’s Journey is a wonderful read and should grace everyone’s coffee table. I truly loved reading the stories within it. Touched with humour they created awe for the places and people captured within them. Your book has offered us an inspirational look into how travel can help to connect us as human beings. Well done Karim!”
Jennifer Yang

“Thank you Karim for a great reading, the Cosmopolitan Nomad was a delightful companion during my long flight! Cannot wait for the next volume.”
Sergiu Gruita

“Great product of passion (for travel, photography) and technology (iPhone, worldwide collavoration). 2 more reasons to buy the book: (1) It focuses on unique, off the beaten path, experiences. 10 countries most travel guides avoid. Art, symbols, relationships. All great conversation starters. (2) It forces you to think differently and opens up different perspectives to the world.”
Alexey Rykhva

“Karim – I bought to book as a gift to a gay couple we just visited in NYC. They are both well travelled and John is also a great photographer, artist, musician, chef, etc. So I thought they would appreciate it. They were indeed thrilled to receive it. I had a chance to skim through it before gifting it. It was a beautiful book in all respects. It must have been very hard for you to select where to feature and what photos to choose from all the beautiful ones you have. What you chose was excellent and I thought your narratives were well done too. Not surprised it’s become a best seller. Bravo Karim!”
Gail Robinson-Gow

“Jack Kerouck once said “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” Thanks Karim for showing us how it’s done, inspiring us on our own journey, and sharing the wonders of this world, especially the ones not that traveled. We absolutely loved the book, and the kind dedication.”
Eleodor Sotropa, Cincinnati, USA

“Just received my copies. This is without doubt the best travel book I’ve ever seen. Congratulations Karim!”
Tony Saldanha, USA

“The Cosmopolitan Nomad serves as the ultimate “outside-the-box” bucket list. From the Namib desert to the peaks of the Himalayas, Ladak’s intimate, first-person accounts of his adventures in off-the-beaten track destinations will inspire wanderlust in even the most world-weary traveller.”
Brett Walther, editor, ReadersDigest.ca