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Cosmopolitan Nomad
A Globetrotter's Story
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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

karimHello there! I am thrilled you are on this website and hope you will keep visiting us. I am a travel lover and over the last few years, have discovered that travel is not just about down-time, but equally importantly it is a powerful way to learn about the world, about our similarities and about our differences. It helps break boundaries, bridge the divides, it helps nurture a greater understanding of people and cultures of the world. Through this journey, we tend to better understand ourselves, our biases and our filters.

My inspiration stems from the realization that the lens through which I view the world evolves as I travel, discover, uncover. Hence the need for a forum where we can share not just pictures but also some interpretations.

My aspiration is that we see the world as one global humanity, and come together on the basis of our similarities versus our differences, since many of the “labels” impressed upon us are a function of our socialization. I have lived in 10 countries and have travelled to 180.

The word “Cosmopolitan” resonates deeply for me, please check this Harvard lecture for a comprehensive write-up. The word “Nomad” describes me well, I see myself as a citizen of the world. As a single person with no dependencies I can flow with my passion and travel to places which “call” me. In my spare time, I volunteer for non-profit and also look after my own business affairs. I lead a blessed life, and am eternally thankful for each breathing moment I have.

In case you wonder what I did/do as my day job once upon a time, please check out my professional website. Enjoy browsing through the website, may it be the posts, the poems, or the artwork. We all know that we connect much better via visual media versus the written verse, hence I will stop now.

And in case you’re wondering, I’m not working in alone on this beautiful website, but with a team of incredible people, that I’d like you to meet (listed alphabetically):

alexeyAlexey Rykhva
Critical Thinker.
World Traveller.
Experiences Collector.
Avid Technologist.

photo 3Amal Janmohamed
Amal has experimented with a wide range of artistic pursuits from painting to successfully staging homes. She is passionate about using creativity and artistic expression to educate on subjects important to her such as discrimination and diversity. Words that resonate with her are organic, natural, and barrier-free! Her current work involves facilitating change, transformation and engagement.

image3Marina Apenko
I am an international artist in broad sense. I like working on multiple mediums and in multiple disciplines – as a footwear designer, a painter, and in digital formats. I was born in Ukraine and recently moved to Canada. My favourite styles of art are impressionism and abstract art. I like bright colours that are captured in motion – reminds me of dance. My focus in art is to create an individual experience, where everyone could get something that has personal relevance – moving water, blowing wind, shining sun etc… Ultimately, I want my artwork to bring happiness and contentment.

image3Shamlal Puri
From an international journalist, a photographer and an editor, Shamlal evolved into an author. His four-decade long career spans across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He moved to London in 1975 and started to work with London newspapers and broadcast on BBC World Service, BBC TV, Channel Four in Britain and networks in Australia and Africa. Shamlal’s career is a grand saga of news scoops, hair-rising adventures in far-off lands and hilarious episodes while news gathering.

Shamlal Puri is the editor of the forthcoming coffee-table book on Karim Ladak’s global journey. A book not to be missed!

image3Shekhar Ramamoorthy
A subject matter expert in Travel and Tour Consulting, a thorough professional who has an eye for detail and delivers on his promise.
In my own words: “We’re all connected by a love for travel and the affair continues when travel begins”.

image3Sherdil Hussain
Sherdil’s passion is in the culinary arts, but his creative outlets transcend to various forms including painting and music mixing. Currently Toronto based, Sherdil was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. The mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures of his childhood greatly influence his ideas. Amongst his friends, Sherdil is well known for his cuisine, most notably for his Biryani, Rending and Khow Suey. He takes pride in fusing elements across multiple dimensions …the old with the new, east with the west, with an eye to stimulate any one of the senses whether through sight, sound or taste.

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