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The Cosmopolitan Nomad Book cover

About the author

After reading Cosmopolitan Nomad, many will visualise Karim as an old-time explorer sporting a hat and a backpack - knocking on doors for an entry into the annals of history. Far from it, Karim has enjoyed a well-settled career as an information technology and business services executive. He has enjoyed a successful career at Procter & Gamble where he played his part in contributing to their global business.

During his 29 years there, his assignments have taken him through many parts of the world including India, Japan, Russia, Romania and several other nations. As he travelled the world during these assignments, an old childhood awakening fuelled his wanderlust. He was keen to find more time and freedom to explore the world. In that quest, he took an early retirement from Procter & Gamble and launched Karim Ladak Consulting, a one-stop shop for business transformation needs, providing much-needed strategic business advice to companies.

Karim is a perfect example of a man with a global footprint. A Canadian citizen born in Tanzania where he has spent part of his life, he has also lived in Kenya, Israel, France, UK, India, Japan and Romania.

About the book

"Travel is in my blood. Nourishment for my intellect and music for my soul."

The Cosmopolitan Nomad is an homage to travel. With prolific synopses of countries rarely represented in travel writing, breathtaking photographs, illustrated paintings and poetry, this is a feast for the soul. This is the perfect book to lose yourself in rich images, learn about other places and dream about your own journey.

Karim Ladak is a man who has lived many lives and transformed many more. Just like any one place is not one thing, any one moment, any one image - Karim Ladak is not only one thing. He is a man who has helped build business networks across the world and a man who has helped build the foundation for international LGBTQ human rights networks. He is a man who respects both faith and choice. He is a man with a plan and he delights in whimsy. Just like any vibrant Cosmopolitan, he embodies the spirit of being many things all at once. Just like this beautiful book he has made for all of us.

A few things about the book:

  • 112 pages full colour
  • Printed on high-quality glossy paper
  • Glossy case laminate hardcovers
  • Fully illustrated with around 200 images not normally seen in the international media
  • High-quality design by award-winning designers

If all these sound good to you, please join us for the book launch at the Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto on Sunday, November 5th from 4pm to 7 pm.

For a good cause

In support of community work, pledges have been made to seven non-profit organizations in Canada, India and Tanzania.

  1. Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP)

    Supporting South Asians living with HIV

  2. Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

    Health and social justice

  3. Dignity Initiative

    Solidarity with LGBTQI rights activists globally

  4. Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto

    The world’s oldest LGBTQ bookshop

  5. Handicare Intl.

    Helping physically and mentally challenged children and toddlers

  6. Inside Out

    Canada’s premiere presenter of LGBTQ cinema

  7. Majengo Children’s Home Tanzania

    Providing support and security to children

  8. Raag-Mala Music Society of Toronto

    Promoting and preserving Indian Classical Music

  9. Rainbow Railroad

    Helping LGBTQ people get to safety


A talented team of artists have contributed paintings and poems which speak to Cosmopolitan Nomad photographs:

Amal Janmahomed
Maryna Apenko
Najma Velshi
Sameera Sivji
Sherdil Hussain

Get in touch

The Cosmopolitan Nomad coffee table book will be available starting September 2017.
In the meantime, you can follow Karim's stories on Facebook or Instagram.
For any questions or enquiries about the book, please use the contacts below:




Crownbird Publishers

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